ViaMedica helps you find the right professional.

bullet-vm-icon-14px   Recruitment and selection: Permanent reinforcements of your team
bullet-vm-icon-14px   Appointment pools: Fast and flexible
bullet-vm-icon-14px   Substitution: A permanent interpretation of a temporary position
bullet-vm-icon-14px   Coaching and consultancy

Below you will find more information about these four pillars as well as our services for clients.

When dealing with structural reinforcements to your partnership or team, we will focus on the quality of the match. By means of a thorough study of the working environment, an analysis of the team’s make-up and, if desired, an assessment of applicants, ViaMedica will ensure that the arrival of a new specialist will be a powerful boost to the quality of the team.

We enhance the quality of medical teams with professional recruitment and selection.

ViaMedica might also be of service when dealing with conflict situations. With our ergonomist expertise and our extensive ‘inside knowledge’ of medical partnerships and establishments, we can map out problems and offer solutions. In that respect it may be very valuable indeed that we are able to show you the way to specialist job openings as well as applicants.

If you would like to know more or request an informal preliminary interview, please do not hesitate to contact us.More and more hospitals wrestle with problems concerning capacity in their intensive care units and departments of surgery. It is expected that this shortage of staff will only increase in the years to come. ViaMedica is convinced that a more flexible interpretation of the specialist staffing in these two areas can significantly contribute to the solution of these problems. We have illustrated this with two very successful ‘appointment pools’ of intensive care doctors and anesthesiologists.

We provide continuity and quality for intensive care units and departments of surgery.

If you, as a client, are to enter into an agreement with ViaMedica, you are essentially able to request specialists from these appointment pools 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will mostly concern people who are permanent (part-time) employees elsewhere, but who also regularly work on different locations. Since ViaMedica will always take stock of a team’s wishes beforehand, we can help you reach experienced medical personnel who have little to no trouble collaborating with the current team.

If you would like to know more or request an informal preliminary interview, please do not hesitate to contact us. You might need a substitute due to illness, maternity leave or a sabbatical. Another reason to enlist the aid of a substitute is a sudden surge in health care demand that temporarily validates extra specialist staffing. You will save yourself and your medical staff a lot of unnecessary stress if you have maintained relations with ViaMedica in case this happens, for the better we have gotten to know your organization, the bigger the chances are that we will be able to provide a substitute specialist that fits your team. Of course it is also helpful to let us know that you need a substitute as early as possible.

If you need someone stat, we make your problem our problem

ViaMedica is able to draw from an extensive network of mostly experienced medical specialists who are available as substitutes. We will always ensure a good match between the position and the applicant, no matter whether it concerns a permanent or a temporary staffing problem. If necessary, we could take stock of the members of the partnership or department to form a clear picture of the desired profile. If we are able to use the profile to find you a suitable specialist, then we will keep in contact with both you and the substitute specialist after they took up their duties to ensure that everything is going as you hoped it would.

If you would like to know more or request an informal preliminary interview, please do not hesitate to contact us. Where do the people skills of management matter more than in the medical profession, where the quality of a hospital or establishment is almost entirely determined by its employees and where policy can only succeed with the support of the medical staff. Amidst sensitive topics like costs versus quality ViaMedica exclusively focuses on that one crucial factor of success: the performance of your teams of medical specialists.

Medical specialists’ performance becomes the key factor of success

ViaMedica advises establishments as well as partnerships and departments about issues such as quality, practical know-how and efficiency. We also support health care organizations and groups in dealing with strategic issues, problems concerning effective collaboration and impending conflict. Furthermore, ViaMedica offers advice and hands-on interim management, called ‘clinical leadership,’ with regards to setting up and improving practices as well as introducing standardized treatment methods and protocols concerning quality control.

ViaMedica works with a team of experts, including medical specialists, who have ample hands-on experience in hospitals and other health care establishments.

If you would like to know more or request an informal preliminary interview, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Clinical leaders

Being able to perform in the medical profession has become more and more a matter of teamwork, which has caused the demand for medical specialists with leadership qualities to grow. ViaMedica mediates in the placement of such ‘clinical leaders’: excellent medical professionals with a lot of experience who can count on the respect and support of their colleagues.

Our valued network helps you find the right clinical leader

Good leadership is crucial for the quality of specialist health care. This notion is being recognized and thus the interest in ‘clinical leadership’ is growing. Moreover, reconstitutions, mergers and internal conflicts are often reasons to seek out external specialists with leadership qualities. In such instances much depends on choosing the right person for the job.

ViaMedica takes special care when mediating its ‘clinical leaders.’  For our clients we offer an in-depth analysis of demand and working environment, while for our applicants we offer an assessment specifically designed to test their leadership skills in order to fortify their suitability. ViaMedica is also able to offer its applicants advice, tools and coaching from its network for support, even after they have taken up their duties with our clients.

ViaMedica places clinical leaders with clients to perform the role of interim manager as well in permanent positions.

If you would like to know more or request an informal preliminary interview, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Partnership coaching

From the point of view of continuity and quality it is no longer luxury to pay sufficient attention to collaboration, working environment and atmosphere, for it ensures that employees perform better, enjoy their job more and that disruptive tensions and conflicts are prevented or solved. Since it focuses on the quality of the performance of medical specialists, ViaMedica is able to make an important contribution in this regard, not only when additions to or changes in staff are at play, but also when a partnership or department needs to function more as a team.

We offer a professional approach to increase the performance of your team

Depending on your question or problem our specialized consultants at ViaMedica can develop a tailor-made, structured approach. In team coaching sessions they will use tried and tested techniques and develop concrete deliverables such as a so-called Team Development Plan or Partnership Policy Plan, including a blueprint for its structure and organization.

If you would like to know more or request an informal preliminary interview, please do not hesitate to contact us.